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Richie Garnett
  "Half Pint" 
Sunrise: January 5, 1958 - Sunset: November 5, 2022

Life Story 

Richard "Richie" or "Half Pint" Garnett, was born on January 5, 1958 to Donald "Big Boy" Garnett Sr., and Mary Virginia Ridgeway of Maryland. He peacefully departed this life at home on November 5, 2022.


As a young boy growing up in both Concord and Smyrna, Richard enjoyed spending time with his family, playing

with his cousins, riding his mini bike, and hanging out with his friends. He regularly talked of times spent with his friends, Gerry and Andre. During his quiet time you could find him in his "hole in the wall," (a space under the staircase that he had decorated with pictures of his family, friends, cars, and motorcycles), and of course, he'd be listening to music.


Richard was a peaceful, fun loving, caring, and good-hearted person with a giving spirit and an infectious smile. He regularly threatened to get your "hond ponts," but never did. Anyone he met or knew, he would refer to them as "Buddy".


Richard received his education within the Smyrna School District where he played many sports, like football, baseball, and wrestling, to name a few. Richard's wrestling abilities led the school to a championship. He won the trophy for second in the entire State of Delaware, which still remains in the high school trophy case to this day.


Richard was a self-made hard-working man. He always worked even at a young age. He would often tell you the story about asking his father to borrow five dollars. In response, he said, his father said, basically, in order to have anything you have to work for it; and that he did. Richard bragged about starting work at age seven, peeling potatoes and washing dishes part-time at the Smyrna Diner while attending school; that's how he saved up the money to buy his first car, the Fairlane. He kept that car and every vehicle he ever had immaculate, washing and waxing daily while listening to his music.




Richard married Ellen Ford in 1978, at which point he left the diner and went to work at George H. Hoffecker as a lot boy and you guessed it, also as an auto detailer. Thus, his legacy began. As his family grew, he moved on from George H. Hoffecker to Ed Fine Olds, also as an auto detailer. But, he never felt at home, that is, until he started detailing at Anchor Pontiac and Buick, (Williams Chevrolet) with the Williams family. Richard was very fond of Big Dave, Little Dave, and the family. He would often speak on how the William's family welcomed him into their homes as one of their own. Richard retired from Anchor due to illness after 39 years of service. Yet, he continued to "go up on the job" until his illness prohibited him from driving and even then, he made his way there somehow.


Richard would work seven days a week. If ever you look for him you'd find him "on the job, making that money" he'd say. He worked from sun up to sun down, always listening to his music. He was one of the best detailers around. People loved his work. Everybody wanted him to detail their cars. After work, if he wasn’t sitting around the shop, he was enjoying himself, sitting in his yard with his friends and family; Cowboy, Jacent, Shawn, or his Uncle Morgan, drinking his "sodas," listening to music.


His routine included daily visits from his favorite Uncle Morgan, whom he called "Booboo," and not far behind, was his cousin, Jacent, and Shawn, who he'd refer to as "his adopted kids,” that would help him with anything he asked, keeping him up on Facebook and teaching him things about his cell phone. When they taught him to text and to take and send pictures, he was unstoppable. He'd go to his cousin Cooper's shop everyday at lunchtime and they talked on the phone all day every day. Cooper even had his own ringtone (car washer). Friends like the Horseys, George, his cousin the Sheriff, and so many others would stop in on a regular basis just to say Hi. On Saturdays you could find him detailing cars with his brother-in-law and partner, Brian. He'd call his loved ones daily (sometimes hourly) especially, Yolanda, Ellen, and Violet, to "check in." He visited his Aunt Rosie, and Aunt Ida Mae, frequently, to make sure they were ok or to see if they needed anything. Whenever he'd go to Smyrna, he would stop in to check on Ms. Pauline (his other mother) as well. Even after his diagnosis he still tried to continue that ritual, making his rounds and stopping at Yolanda's spa and Violet and Brian's everyday.


There were but a few things that took a back seat to his working . Primarily spending time with his family, children, grandchildren, and siblings. One would be his love of motorcycles. He'd ridden motorcycles since he was a boy. He owned several of them. He attended the Thunderguard Club with his father as a young boy and then he later joined the Thunderguards Motorcycle Club. Any time or chance he got, he'd be riding a motorcycle. In fact, he used to race them. He also loved going to drag races more particularly to watch his brother Benjamin (Smokey) race. He'd pack up his cooler (with food and his "sodas") and off he'd go. Then there’s football and baseball! You could always find him at home during football season. Didn't matter where he was, or what he was doing, he dropped it for football. Richard was a diehard REDSKINS fan. Everything WASHINGTON REDSKINS. You can't begin to imagine his disappointment when they changed their name. He also loved the Phillies games. He often talked about trips to the games with box seats. But, his second job was grass cutting. He deemed himself the best and refused to allow anyone else to touch the lawn.


Upon receiving his diagnosis, Richard began planning everything surrounding the circumstances, even his own funeral services. When asked about God, he never hesitated to let you know that he didn't need to go to church to believe in God and followed it by letting you know that he had a "special" relationship with God and that God knew his heart. He'd say "He's ok with everything and it's all up to the good Lord. When God says it's my time, it's alright because I'm going to be with my Mommy and Daddy".


Richard was preceded in death by his father and mother, Donald Sr. and Mary Garnett; sisters, Alberta, Libby, and Colenthia (Bass) Garnett; brothers, Leroy, Allen, and Ronald (Rumpsey) Garnett; nephews, Arthur (Junior) Williams Jr., and Nathan Garnett.


Richard leaves to cherish memories: Ellen Garnett (his one and only wife as he said); his children, Richard L. Garnett (Ricky), Yolanda M. Garnett (Fatty Jaws), Tesha N Garnett (Teshie Weshie), Jatoya R Garnett (Toy); brothers, Donald (Sonny Boy) Garnett Jr.(Vesteria), Benjamin (Smokey) Garnett (Terri), Charles (Gambles) Garnett; sisters, Shirley Cale, Glendora (Lippy) Garnett, Violet Williams (Brian), Ruth (Cathy) Garnett; nine grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and a host of nieces, nephews, and special friends.

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